Books by Members

  • Communicating Beyond Our Differences: Susan Dellinger
  • Living in GRACE: Living your Best Life now!: Anhlan Nguyen
  • Laughter for Shazpara - Barbara Kerr, PhD
  • Make EQ a Habit - Hank Clemons PhD
  • Imprinted Wisdom - Catherine Nagle 
  • The Other Kind of Smart - Harvey Deutschendorf


Research Papers and Articles

In this area you will find research papers and articles published by the research team of SoEI lead by Dr. Russel Clayton, Dr. Charles Coco and Jon Hartman, ABD., 

How Regular Exercise Helps You Balance Work and Family - HBR: by Russell Clayton, PhD
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Sleep Better Tonight and Have Better Work-Life Balance Tomorrow _ Huff Post:: by Russell Clayton, PhD
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