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Shadai Wilburn, CEIC

Shadai Wilburn is a highly energetic, proven leader with an innate passion for serving the needs of disenfranchised and underserved populations – specifically, women and children. Shadai holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Human Services, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services degree. Shadai has years of experience, both with volunteerism and employment, in helping diverse women who struggle with various addictions to establish healthy boundaries in their lives. Her specialty is providing intervention-based services, resources, and support to at-risk families and individuals. 

Shadai is the Co-founder of EI for Women Coaching and Consulting, LLC; a business that focuses on coaching clients in becoming the best version of themselves by engaging emotional intelligence skills to enhance personal and professional development. Accordingly, she serves as a facilitator for the EI Institute. Shadai is also an Academic Coordinator for a college-preparatory program at Greenville Technical College. She also serves as a 4DX Coach at the institution to lead departmental teams in setting and achieving goals that promote student retention, persistence, and completion. In her free time, Shadai is an aspiring author who longs to bring insight and revelatory experiences through her writing. Undeniably, Shadai is sold on empowering others and is committed to making a difference in whatever role she finds herself in.