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 Matt Perelstein, EQ Dude 

+1-916-599-8597 | [email protected]

Matt believes that our lack of emotional intelligence education (EQ) is the #1 biggest problem in the world today.  Mass shootings (more than one per day in the USA), suicides (even in young children!) and overdoses are skyrocketing in the USA and beyond.  Violence, anxiety, obesity, divorce, depression, gangs, many mental health issues, stress-related physical ailments, and even war, are due in significant degrees, to emotional ignorance.  People are dying, quite literally, to know what we know about EQ. 

Most schools primarily teach cognitive information, yet emotional and peace education are lagging behind, or missing altogether.  Therefore, Matt has dedicated his life to learning, sharing and teaching all levels of education – from pre-school to PhD -- about our internal thoughts, feelings and emotions.  

Toward that end, Matt: 

  • Is CEO of USA-based 501(c)3 non-profit "EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc.", with a mission to enhance and expand peace-based emotional education (EQ), to cultivate global peace in our lifetime.
  • Was recently selected to "Who's Who Worldwide 2019", and then selected as the "Professional of the Year" for non-profit education.
  • Owns or helps manage over 20 EQ social media groups and pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, totaling well over 150,000 members
  • Was selected as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at 2 international peace/EQ conferences in India and Nepal, Oct. 2019 and at the Society of Emotional Intelligence annual conference in Orlando Florida, April 2019.
  • With over 2,000 graduates, he continues leading emotional breakthrough weekend intensive New Directions workshops in California USA.