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María Fernanda De Los Ríos
[email protected]

Is a 28-year-old Panamanian professional currently living in Panama City, Panama. She decided to study Psychology and then specialize in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, since she has been always passionate about helping people grow professionally and personally.

Mafe, as everyone calls her, got her degree at the Santa María La Antigua University. In addition, she has continued her studies acquiring various certifications to ensure a very comprehensive, ethical and professional psychological and human resources counseling:

  • Certification in the EQ-i 2.0 by the Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI)
  • Certification in Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) for business leaders by Florida State University (FSU)
  • Certification in Evaluation and Management of Talent with Kudert Methodology by Kudert
  • Certification in Executive Coaching by the International Coaching Community (ICC)

She has experience working at a Regional Level in Latin America in different companies in Human Resources and also in different industries such as Retail & Mass Consumption. Approximately 2 years ago, Mafe decides to fulfill one of her dreams which was to open her own Human Resources Consulting Company. She is currently the President of Human Focus Solutions Corp with more than 8 years of experience where she provides the following services: Human Resources Consulting, Professional Orientations or Outplacement, Executive Coaching Processes and Emotional Intelligence Assessments along with workshops or conferences related to topics such as Emotional Intelligence and Coaching in general.