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Simi Pothen 
Simi Pothen grew up in Philadelphia where she attended Philadelphia High School for Girls and received her B.S in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University.

Simi's career focus was mainly in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries.  While working in this field for over 13 years, she came across Yoga and Meditation practices where she found her passion and calling.  Simi is now a certified Yoga Teacher and also registered with Yoga Alliance.

Simi went on to create ThirdEyeFitness where it became her platform to share yoga and mindfulness philosophies and practices.  She holds Yoga and Meditation Workshops throughout the Tampa Bay area.  She is also a Health & Wellness affiliate of Simply Organic Beauty Products, a company dedicated to creating and distributing haircare and beauty products that are organic, biodynamic and eco-friendly.

Simi recently announced her launch of www.StreamYogaNow.com which will now allow people to take live Yoga classes with her.  This site will go live on July 1, 2019.

Simi has published several articles and her most recent article was featured on Elephant Journal.  She currently resides in Tampa, Fl with her husband and two kids.