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Dr. Sarah S. Spradlin,
CEO Vitruvian Advantage Richmond, VA


After nearly 10 years as an active duty Marine Corps officer, Dr. Spradlin transitioned to serve as a DoD civilian as the first female Staff Director at Marine Special Operations School. Currently, she serves as the CEO of Vitruvian Advantage, one of Richmond, Virginia’s top full service workforce development firms. Vitruvian Advantage provides a full range of workforce development services that are grounded in the theory, and more importantly the application of emotional intelligence. Dr. Spradlin advocates that, “EI is not a mutually exclusive skill set. It is a theme – a thread – that establishes a foundation to build those complex human performance outcomes that characterize high performing employees. In today’s global market, change is the only constant. We need to hire, develop, and promote an emotionally intelligent workforce in order to establish organizational resilience and maintain the competitive advantage.”

Dr. Spradlin also serves as Adjunct Faculty for Central Michigan University’s Graduate School of Business where she teaches Workforce Improvement Strategies for Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations. She resides in Central Virginia with her husband and 4 children.




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