Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Certificate

September 14-16, 2017

A 4 Course Certificate Program

The Teco Energy Center for Leadership at the University of Tampa's Sykes College of Business and SoEI have partnered to offer this dynamic 3 day certificate program.  

Emotional intelligence is a hot topic in today's work environment where traditional command and control type leadership is all but a thing of the past. To be effective, individuals need to be able to influence others through gaining their respect and enlisting their passions. 

"Emotional Intelligence is a life long journey with many twists and turns. Dr. Hank Clemons and his team will give you the tools to navigate the path and even help you make the EI choice at the fork of many roads."  

-Laura Simon, Executive Vice President, Lawyer's Protector Plan, B&B Proctor Plans, Inc.

While emotional intelligence isn’t the sole predictor of human performance and development potential, it is proven to be a key indicator. Using the emotional intelligence skills you’ll learn during this series, you’ll gain the ability to more appropriately respond to the world around you and eliminate the stress and frustration that often comes from working with others. Careers such as Medicine, Education, Psychology, Health Science, Human Resources, Life Skills, and many others have adopted the principles and practices of EI as critical for job success.


While adapting to fast growing and new technology-oriented business environments, the Emotional Intelligence for Leaders has helped me realize the great potential of cultural diversity and its relevance to build better business opportunities”.
- Rafael Hernandez – Director of Toll Operations for the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority-


Professionals with higher EI typically have a higher income and experience greater job stability throughout their life; and, high EI makes work and professional relationships more rewarding.

Course Titles

  1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 
    • Explore the definition of emotional intelligence
    • Discuss the relationship of IQ/EQ/CQ
    • Discuss the benefits and applications of EI
    • Gain an overview of emotional intelligence
    • Identify and understand the 4 main components of emotional intelligence
    • Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, behavior, goals, decision–making, and work/personal relationships
    • Discuss the application of emotional intelligence to applications 
  2. Assessing your Emotional Intelligence
    • Discuss the importance of measuring your EI
    • Take the EQ-i 2.0 (online prior to start of class)
    • Review and interpret EQ-i 2.0 report (in class)
    • Relate the EQ-i 2.0 5 Scales and 15 Sub-scales to real world scenarios
    • Identify strengths and development areas
  3. Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
    • Recognize the benefits of EI to personal development and leadership 
    • Understand EI competencies and how to develop them
    • Discuss the four domains in the EI model to leadership
    • Identify personal strengths/limitations
    • The role of CQ in leadership
    • Leverage appropriate EI competencies in utilizing leadership styles to achieve results
    • Discuss ways to create a culture that delivers results through effective work relationships
    • Build a developmental action plan that strengthens emotional intelligence skills
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Teams
    • Explore and identify the benefits of an EI team
    • Explore and discuss the role of CQ (CI) in teamwork
    • Identify and discuss emotions most commonly related to teamwork and how to manage them.
    • Discuss the importance of establishing team/group norms
    • Explore your personal preference in communicating and receiving information
    • Focus on trust and compassion as key attributes of EI teams

In this unique certification series that utilizes a combination of classroom training and exercises, it ensures that you will not just pick up skills; you will also practice what you have learned; to start turning skills into competencies. These certification programs will deliver the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills and insight to apply in making your job, career and personal life more successful and satisfying.

The certification also includes a free 1 year membership in the Society of Emotional Intelligence PLUSeach attendee will receive up to three 30-minute coaching sessions after completing the program.

Class Schedule/Meeting Times
Day 1: 6:00 - 9:00 PM
Day 2: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Day 2: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Prerequisite: All attendees must take the EQ-i 2.0 at least 2 weeks prior to the start of class

Session Leaders:
Hank Clemons, PhD, CEIC - Founder and CEO of SoEI, Executive EI Coach, Author, Speaker.
Deirdre Dixon, PhD, Assistant Professor of Management, Associate Director, TECO Energy Center for Leadership, University of Tampa
Bella L. Galperin, Ph.D. Professor of Management, Associate Director, TECO Energy Center for Leadership, The University of Tampa
Ravi Rao, PhD, MD, M.Ed - Expert in Neuroscience of Emotion in relation to corporate leadership, Speaker

Training dates: September 14, 15. 16
Location: University of Tampa
Registration Closes September 1, 2017

SoEI Members: $1495
Non-Members: $1595
 Military ( active duty) discount: $1395




Tuition includes all materials and a light breakfast.

For more information, contact us at 813.431.9786